Goldi: Velma or Daphne?

I wanted to explain my inspiration for Goldi's voice, because I realize it may not be what you'd expect to hear from her glowing golden beautiful image.  If you asked Goldi whether she could relate more to Velma or to Daphne, she would adamantly tell you she'd rather die of a hundred vampire bites or kiss a 'zombie chicken' before she'd choose the pretty, yet brainlessly vapid and helpless damsel, Daphne.  Don't let her petite, glimmering Barbie Doll appearance deceive you!  She's got brains galore, with her PHDs, Law degrees and love of a good mystery.  She's like Velma mixed with the heart of Xena, warrior princess.  She DOES have a sword and she knows how to wield it.
 Listen to Baehrly Alive

THAT is why Goldi's voice contains more elements of Velma than Daphne.  If you love Elizabeth A. Reeves' Goldi character as much as I do, you'll let her be her geeky-gorgeous self and solve mysteries till her heart's content.   However, when she's having a particularly tender moment, don't be surprised if you hear her switch over to Daphne mode...because unlike Scoobie's one-sided Velma, Goldie has a tender heart, depth and spirit to feel the heartaches and passions of life.