About Me

I'm an artist at heart. My smart husband is also a voice over actor.  We often work on projects together and help one another through the journey.  We have three sweet, ultra-unique kids.  
They love to hear me read stories and beg me to edit my narrations in the same room with them so they can listen too.

It's partially for this reason that I've come to feel a personal responsibility to only record books that aren't inappropriate for children or young adults--at their respective age levels and according to the maturity levels of the books they're able to read. We never know how long we have on this earth and I'd rather leave behind a legacy of books that I'm not ashamed to have my friends, family and even future grandchildren, listen to forever.  That being said, I do have one or two books out, that might offend some audiences.  There's no going back to change the past, we can only move forward, and for that I apologize.  I will strive to stick to my newly formed standards in the future.

Listen to an interview of my husband and me

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